Conception Bay Family Resource

  • Serving communities from Topsail to Makinsons
  • Funded by the Department of Education
  • Last Annual General Meeting November 18th, 2021 6:30 pm by ZOOM
  • Annual Report for April 2020-March 2021

Letter from Chair Debbie Hollett

The CBFRP has been open for nine years and has grown a lot over this time. We run programs from Topsail to Brigus, with six staff and offer twenty-five programs weekly from seven sites. I would like to welcome you all to the Annual General Meeting for this year; this meeting covers the 2018-2019 programming and financial year. Our vision for the next year includes promoting and further developing the Healthy Baby Club for pregnant mothers, offering more programs in Brigus, and enhancing our parent education program. Last, but by no means least, I would like to thank to staff, and the Board for all their work over the last year. It has been a hard year with all the changes; we are ready to move onwards.


  • Welcome
  • Review and Approval of Agenda
  • Review & Approval of November 2020 AGM minutes
  • Present Board and Staff
  • Thank you to past Board members
  • AGM Report April 2020-March 2021
  • Financial Statements Apr. 2020-Mar 2021
  • Continuing Board Members
  • Adjournment

What is a Family Support Program?

Family support programs are community-based organizations working with children, families, and caregivers to enhance strengths, to build capacities and to promote healthy development.

Family support programs deliver a range of services guided by principles that focus on building supportive relationships, facilitating growth, respecting diversity, and furthering community development. Family support programs vary depending on their size, mandate, and resources. Services are flexible, accessible, and offered in an informal atmosphere. These services may be provided in partnership with other groups. Family support services include:

  • child development
  • community development
  • community outreach
  • drop-in programs
  • early learning and care
  • family literacy
  • food and nutrition support
  • parent/caregiver support
  • parent education support
  • peer contact and mutual
  • play and recreation
  • promotion of health and safety
  • referrals to other resources
  • toy lending

Current Board of Directors

  • Debbie Hollett (Chair)
  • Melanie Doyle (Vice-Chair)
  • Jennifer Colbourne (Secretary)
  • Christa Skinner (Treasurer)
  • Mary Walsh
  • Christine Butler
  • Amanda Rees
  • Julia McPeake
  • Krista Newhook
  • Kathy Brett
  • Sarah Eddy

Message from the Executive Director

Wow, another year we never could have imagined.
The parents, children, and staff have risen to the challenge of programming within COVID times and continued with planning and attending very successful groups. The resilience shown by the staff at CBFRP has been inspiring to see. Their creativity and support of parents, caregivers and children has been an example to us all. Families just “went with the flow” and came to outside, some inside and virtual programming as though they always had. I hope we can move on to new things in the next year and keep some of the “GOOD” things we have seen in the last year
Deborah Capps

Current Staff

  • Deborah Capps (Executive Director)
  • Carol Ann Cantwell (Administrative Assistant)
  • Patricia Care (Program Coordinator)
  • Angie Kinsella (Program Coordinator)
  • Tina Reynolds (Program Coordinator)
  • Sara Eddy (Healthy Baby Club Coordinator)


  • Dep. of Education
  • Town of Conception Bay South
  • St. Edwards School
  • Eastern Health
  • Roncalli High School
  • Town of C.B.S.
  • Dominion Store, C.B.S.
  • Town of Brigus
  • Town of Holyrood
  • Topsail United Church
  • Holy Cross Parish of Holyrood
  • Admirals Coast Retirement Home

Programs Offered

  • Drop In Playgroup
  • Healthy Baby Club
  • Mother Goose
  • HBC Walking Program
  • Speedy Sprouts
  • Busy Bakers
  • Baby Bundles
  • Tiny Tots
  • Book Club
  • HBC Playgroup
  • Seedlings
  • Bits and Bites
  • Craft Group

Conception Bay Family Resource Program has been offering Family Resource Programs and Healthy Baby Club for nearly ten years.

Who We Are

The Conception Bay Family Resource Program:

  • Welcomes all families
  • Is a resource for the community
  • Is committed to the healthy and development of children and families

What Happened in 2020-2021?

April 2020

  • Letter writing to families
  • Easter activities online for families
  • Art bags for families

May 2020

  • Made over sixty face masks for families
  • Mother’s Day games online and prizes
  • Annual Report submitted to Provincial Government
  • Dressed as T-Rex for Mother’s Day and waved to cars
  • Posted crafts and activities for families to do at home
  • Association of Early Childhood Educators, Town of CBS and CBFRP recognized ECE week
  • Posted COVID information and resources
  • New HBC Coordinator started with CBFRP

June 2020

  • Father’s Day was celebrated online

July 2020

  • Summer programming continued outside
  • Summer Jobs Canada person was hired
  • Gardening program worked within all outside programs

August 2020

  • Summer programming continued outside

September 2020

  • AED purchased for the centre with a donation from Eagle Construction
  • Outside and online (Bits and Bites, Busy Bakers, Book Club) programs continued
  • Grandparents Day post, games, and prizes

October 2020

  • Halloween costume donations and give aways.
  • Halloween fun outside in Playgroups
  • Veggies picked from garden
  • Offered help for Thanksgiving dinners

November 2020

  • Posting information daily</1li>
  • Offered help to families for Christmas

December 2020

  • Christmas activities at each site for families.
  • Christmas games online and prizes
  • Staff Christmas activity day
  • Christmas/Winter Storytimes by Deborah and Patricia

January 2021

  • Many programs reached capacity of 40%
  • Fast Track nursing students on Virtual placements until April

February 2021

  • Another Lockdown happened
  • Pink Shirt Day staff collage and posts
  • Mailed Valentine’s to children
  • Family Literacy Day posts and prizes
  • Rare Disease Day posts and information

March 2021

  • Storytime online and felt rhymes
  • St. Patrick’s Day posts and activities
  • Little Free Food Pantry set up at Centre (Patricia and her dad)
  • Virtual Busy Bakers

Conception Bay Family Resource Program Abuse Prevention Policy

The Conception Bay Family Resource Program (CBFRP) aims to educate, nurture, and support the families of children, aged 0-6, by delivering programs and services in an environment that enhances parent learning, promotes positive interaction between parent and child, and enriches the family’s overall health and well-being.

-All children have the right to be protected and to be safe. In situations where it is suspected that children are being harmed or abused, we respond with our legal “DUTY to REPORT.”

Definition of Abusive Behaviour:

Child abuse is any form of physical, sexual, or emotional harm or neglect, seeing and hearing violence, or being left without adequate supervision.

Prevention Strategies:

CBFRP provides a warm, safe, and inviting environment for parents/caregivers, children, and their families. Prevention strategies are developed to support children and their families, to enhance their capabilities, and to support empowering approaches within families. At CBFRP,

There is a complete needs assessment conducted including fire and environmental safety assessments, physical environmental scans, workplace health and safety assessments, and building/personal safety checks.

References for all staff job applicants, Board members and other volunteers are collected, including a Certificate of Conduct.

There is a comprehensive policy manual for staff, board, and volunteers. It includes safety policies for children, parents, staff, and Board/Volunteers, as well as orientation and training for staff, indicators of abuse, when to report, role modeling of appropriate behaviours, and supports available for staff, parents, and board members.

-Programming and supports with prevention themes for families of children, aged 0-6 are offered through CBFRP.

CBFRP’s Response Protocol will be included in all staff, board, and volunteer training.

If a response must be made, parties are required to report, “act within the moment” and report as soon as possible, do no harm, and are not to investigate. Self-care for the staff member or person making the report must be kept in mind.

After reporting suspected abuse, the Executive Director or designate must be informed. There should be debriefing completed, as necessary.

There can be a request for follow-up and a plan communicated to the Social Worker, but this may not be possible or appropriate.

Communication Strategy:

CBFRP recognizes the importance of a strategy to communicate with staff, Board, Volunteers, parents/caregivers, and community partners regarding our Abuse Prevention Policy. Efforts will be made to,

Include the Abuse Prevention Policy in all staff, board and volunteer training and orientation packages.

Provide families, partners, and others in the community with information through welcome packages, posters, AGM Annual Reports, and the “Safety Boards” at all sites.

Use a multi-media platform, whenever possible, to communicate with Partners and the Community. Partners will also be kept connected through Memorandums of Understanding and the Annual Report. Funders will receive the Abuse Prevention Policy with the Annual Report, and CBFRP Work Plan.

Asserting/Ensuring Understanding:

CBFRP will ensure that the Abuse Prevention policy is,

  • understood and used
  • used to enhance a safe and inclusive culture
  • utilized in a shift to prevention programming

Overall Program Participation

Number of participants who participated in at least one program during April 1, 2020-March 31, 2021. Number of families registered/Signed in Overall Average # Parents or caregiver/Total Par/Total Visits
Hub 152/203 236/323
Individual Satellite Sites 110/419 106/291
Satellite #1 Avondale 11/12 3/5/26
Satellite #2 – Parsons/Rotary C, Seal Cove 2/3 3/3
Satellite #3 – Topsail United Church 15/38 10/15/48
Satellite #3.5- Manuels River Walking Trail 36/154 20/187
Satellite #4 – Holyrood 27/69 10/27/71
Satellite #4.5 Holyrood
Virtual Bits and Bites
12/44 6/12/44
Satellite #5 – Brigus Recreation Centre 16/28 3/5/43
Satellite #6– HBC Playgroup Kelligrews/Was St. Edwards 16/71 8/16/73
Satellite #7- Admirals Coast Retirement
(Mother Goose Program)
Satellite 8 Parson’s Rotary 2/3 2/3/3
TOTAL 262/422 /509

Program Overview Vision

To foster and support the positive development of children and their families


The CBFRP exists to educate, nurture, and support the families of children primarily ages zero to six years of age work toward their potential by delivering programs and services in an environment that enhances parent learning, promotes the positive interaction between parent and child and enriches the family’s overall health and well-being.


To provide safe, non-judgmental, and culturally sensitive community-based programs for children primarily ages zero to six years of age and their families with a main focus on fostering healthy environments for children and their families and supporting healthy development and well-being.


  • Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening and Support
  • Anxiety and Stress: Optimizing Child Wellbeing
  • Autism and Strategies to help Children
  • The First Play Summit
  • Infant Mental Health Certificate program
  • Early Childhood Development in Times of Pandemic
  • COVID 19 Work Safe Practises
  • Re-opening- Trauma Informed Practice

CBS Family Resource Program

P.O. Box 14235 Station Manuels
Conception Bay South, NL
A1W 3J1

Tel: (709) 744-4621

Toll Free: (888) 430- 3483

Fax: (709) 744- 3392

974 Conception Bay Highway
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